INSIST G55 PRO mechanical keyboard experience evaluation: CHERRY MX SWITCH INSIDE

Recently, the brand iNSIST is very popular. The subordinate anti blue light glasses and game mouse pad were also evaluated by WWW.WSTX.COM before. Today I will introduce G55 PRO mechanical keyboard newly introduced by iNSIST. We can see from the name that

iNSIST G55 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Unpacking Picture Appreciation

The packaging colors of G55 Pro include black, green and white. It is fresher to add the green color. Different from G63, G55 Pro does not take the keyboard as the cover image. Instead, it uses green deformation logo of iNSIST and the head of a female rob

[IT168] First-class iNSIST G55 Mechanical Keyboard for A Long Test Experience News Source:IT168

[IT168 evaluation] Cheery MX Red iNSIST G55 mechanical keyboard bought two months ago leaves a deep impression on the editor. It is a highlight to use the original Cheery MX Red Switch. What is the advantage of it Many users who first experience mechanic